Private Coaching


Stephanie has over a decade of coaching, personal growth, and leadership experience. She comes from a long lineage of spiritually activated meditators, gurus, and holistic healers. With her father’s Hindu background and her Mother’s Buddhist roots, Stephanie has been practicing mindfulness since birth, with meditation being one of her favorite parts of her childhood bedtime routine.

Lasting and deep change happens over time. It takes muscle, it requires gentle guidance when we go astray to return to our most truest self: brilliant love. In our customized sessions you will be held and supported to shedding your layers, mourning your losses, honouring your triumphs and emerging greater than you ever knew yourself to be. Private coaching offers a more intimate and personalized experience so you can be held, heard, and nurtured in the unfolding of your motherhood journey.

Topics can include (but are not limited to): releasing mom guilt or any negative self talk, resetting your nervous system from anxiety & overwhelm to restoration & calm, giving yourself permission to let go and surrender, building your identity & village, custom meditation & mindfulness, tools to embrace the challenges of motherhood so you can be present to the magic and joy.

Sessions can be done over online or in person for those living near the Richmond, BC, Canada area. As Stephanie honors her time with her family, private coaching spots are limited.



“Steph’s coaching literally changed my life. I was full of mom guilt left, right and center, it would bring me to tears. I went through postpartum depression and anxiety and this program changed my life. I went to my boss and said I needed a raise, flexible hours. Who does that?! I never thought in a million years that I would say that.

I learned how to make powerful requests, how to take care of myself, and how to build my small mama-village.

I feel like a different person. It’s that amazing.
Now I can’t wait to help empower other women and build an even bigger village.”  

Jasmine, A Mother’s Movement Client

Jasmine, A Mother’s Movement Client







What’s Included

  • 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom video or in-person at Stephanie’s Richmond home office (BC, Canada)

  • Access to Online Empowered Mothers Program ($2000 value) - full library of pre-recorded classes, worksheets, exercises and community to support you. Listen on your stroller walks, while holding your babe, or on the go.


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“Stephanie’s coaching significantly increased and enhanced my sense of value and worth as a mother. Having Stephanie, and so many other mamas, validate my struggles, my challenges, and my accomplishments, gave credence to a voice that had been muffled by unrealistic expectations and assumptions.

This helped me to celebrate and cherish my first year of motherhood - laying the foundation for an empowering journey moving forward.

Thank you Stephanie!”

- Heidi