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Motherhood x Spirituality

Motherhood is a powerfully transformative and activating role in a woman’s life. When cultivated, it can break open the portals of our hearts and our souls. But in our fear-based, overstretched, overwhelmed, masculine-dominated world, many of us have disconnected from our inner gardens. When motherhood is equivalent to 2.5 full time jobs, and we are living in village-less villages, often in isolation this series is a potent opportunity to dedicate devotion to the sacredness of you, the queen, the matriarch, the mother.

Explore what spirituality looks like for you, connecting to your womb wisdom, learning how to listen to your heart, reconnecting to your Mother’s Intuition- the whispers of your soul. When we are aligned to our soul’s greatest desires, life is in flow, in love, in presence moment to moment. Rather than survival, this creates a space of love and safety for your children, critical to the future of our planet.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics”

- Einstein

Your mood has energy, your emotions have energy, your wounds have energy, your love has energy. They feel your energy. Connect more deeply with your inner self, to atone your energy to your higher self.

  • Motherhood today: Building an empowered & sacred identity as the Matriarchs

  • Climate Crisis x Consciousness: The relationship between Mother Earth and Mothers

  • Learn how to “Follow your heart” through meditation

  • Decipher the voice coming from your mind vs. your heart

  • Connect with your higher self, your soul, your spiritual counsel

  • Cultivate a relationship with your womb, your mother’s intuition, as your guiding compass

  • Release what doesn’t serve you or your children, forever altering the future of humanity

  • Interrupt generational wounds: Restore Love & Safety

  • Reclaim generational wisdom

  • Release Control, Surrender to universe

  • Forge a powerful relationship with your inner worth, not validated by society’s external metrics ruled by money and the mind

  • Create Sacred Community of Mothers and experience the oxytocin- releasing healing powers when womxn gather

WHEN: 6 x Wednesdays July 31st - Sept 4th 6:30 - 9:00 pm

WHERE: TBD, Greater Vancouver * If you would like to host this intimate group in your home, please call or text Stephanie at 604.787.9129

COST: $666 (Value = $4000)

  • Payment plan available: $333 x 2 instalments or $222 x 3 instalments due in full by Sept 4th

  • e-transfer to

  • Security Question: Rise of the

  • Password: Matriarchy

KID-FREE: Newborns welcome. Otherwise, build your village, ask for help, commit to honouring you. When you show up to cultivate your inner vibrancy, your children, your family, your community, your planet benefits. Mom Guilt? Watch this 5 min Video.

BRING: Journal & Pen, and an open heart

Thank you for honouring you. For being brave. For being vulnerable. You matter. We need your heart to be open and awake.

Questions? Call or Text Stephanie Jhala 604.787.9129 or DM me on Instagram @amothersmovement