Stephanie Miranda Jhala:
Leadership Coach and Movement Maker

Mothers are the heartbeat of a healthy and happy society. When parents take parental leave and are supported to thrive, they undergo a powerful transformation of the brain garnering traits critical for leadership: empathy, nurturing, creativity, collaboration, intuition. When these parents return to work and are promoted to decision making roles, organizations experience 15-21% more profits. Hence #mombrain is a strategic advantage. Below are some of the ways I currently work with corporate clients.

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Stephanie is a multidisciplinary force in the realm of business, social impact and leadership coaching. She brings over a decade of experience in Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Culture. Pre-baby, she propelled purpose-driven companies with a bold vision to make a difference in the world. Upon becoming a mother, Stephanie shifted her focus to building a community of empowered mothers, thriving at home and in the workplace.

In addition to a Masters in Business, Stephanie has 10+ years of personal growth and coaching experience, including an advanced Global Leaders Program for difference-making entrepreneurs.  

Stephanie has been involved with:  

  • 7 figure sales deals in Fortune 500 companies

  • Bringing clean water to 300,000 refugees in Africa  

  • Providing mission-critical software for organizations responding to natural disasters and war-torn crises   

  • Mindfulness & meditation from her Hindu and Buddhist roots

  • Directing a TEDx conference, leading a team of 50+ people

  • Founding a nonprofit, girl gang, for female empowerment

  • Creating a leadership program & mastermind for bold, purpose-driven CEO's and Founders

Her experience travelling to over 30+ countries has shaped her lifetime commitment to creating a sustainable and socially thriving planet.  In her spare time, Stephanie loves to adventure in the backcountry forests of her homelands in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, collect moments from around the world, and experience the humility and triumph of diverse cultures who have overcome struggle. Being a Mother is what she’s most proud of, and she continues to be in humble awe of the ever-expanding journey.


Parental Leave Retention Plan

Include our signature online program as part of your innovative employee benefits for mother.



From motherhood, to mindfulness, to business and everything in between, build teamwork and empowerment through customized transformative workshops.

Corporate Events

Facilitation, corporate retreats, and consulting in the area of culture, inclusion and corporate social responsibility.

Stephanie Jhala Talent Lab Speaking


Keynote speaker, panelist or facilitator on motherhood, gender gap, social impact and workplace transformation.

Popular Topics

  • Conscious Leadership

  • Why Parenthood Creates Better Leaders (and more profits)

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Providing Value Means Solving Problems That Matter

  • Fostering a Culture of High Performance and Happiness

  • Feminine & Masculine Leadership: Balance & Diversity for the Win

  • Transforming Fear of Failure to a Culture of Learning & Growth

  • Matriarchal Organizations: how everyone rises when women rise

  • The Strategic Advantage of Parental Leave (and how it boosts bottom line)


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