PODCAST: Why Moms Are Burnt Out & How to Mother the Mother

I recently had the honour to speak with Kristy Rodriguez of Pure Nurture on her Podcast about the raw truth of Motherhood and how we can reclaim the value, magic and joy of who we are as mothers. You know when you meet someone and you have an instant connection? Like a deep one. This was one of those souls that the universe delivered to me.

Listen to the podcast here: Ep 028 WHY MOMS ARE BURNT OUT AND HOW TO MOTHER THE MOTHER

Since we are living in a village-less village, "being a Mother today is equivalent to 2.5 full-time jobs, with moms clocking 90 hours a week. Research shows that people burn out after 4 hours a day of work." If this were a Monday to Friday job, moms would be working 18 hour days!!! No wonder we feel burnt out.

In this episode, you’ll hear about:

  • Where my passion for leadership coaching came from and how we are creating a ripple effect through leadership coaching (0:30)

  • How I tapped into mother’s intuition (8:00)

  • Changing practitioners during pregnancy (9:00)

  • How Instagram lies to you about motherhood (9:52)

  • Why working Moms are in constant fight or flight mode and how society lost touch with Mothering the Mother (13:00)

  • Where you can join the Mother’s Movement Program (12:45)

  • Identity crisis and how to reframe & reclaim being more than “just a mom” (22:00)

Kristy Rodriguez of Pure Nurture is a mom, HypnoBirthing® childbirth educator, certified holistic health coach, and registered prenatal yoga instructor specializing in prenatal and postpartum wellness, advocacy and empowerment. Through online classes, in-person classes, group coaching, and the Pure Nurture podcast, the focus is on holistic approaches to helping you feel your best—from preconception to birth and beyond.

Listen to the podcast here.

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