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Motherhood Empowered

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You’re so in love, yet so exhausted. You’re so happy, yet so frustrated. You’re so overjoyed, yet so isolated.


Motherhood stretches you to the depths of every emotion. It challenges you to confront everything that you’ve ever known to be. It calls you to be bigger than you’ve ever been before, and it requires you to rebuild who you are from the ground up.

A Mother’s Movement exists to empower you in your motherhood journey, connect you with a deeply intimate community, and embrace motherhood as one of the most potent expansions of your life. We are your support system.

We offer inspiring and life-altering private coaching, programs and gatherings online and in person, so you can connect to the joy and magic of motherhood.

Our vision is to activate maternal power, rise up to positions of leadership, close the gender gap, and restore balance to the planet: boardrooms, homes, governments, oceans and forests.


🌈 This is an inclusive community. If you identify as a parent that mothers their child, this is a welcoming and safe place for you.


Why Can Motherhood Feel So Hard?

It takes a village to raise a child. But we live in a village-less village.

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Stephanie Miranda Jhala: Leadership Coach and Movement Maker

Photo by  Anita Cheung

Photo by Anita Cheung

Stephanie is a multidisciplinary force in the realm of business, social impact and leadership coaching. She brings over a decade of experience in Strategy, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Culture. Pre-baby, she propelled purpose-driven companies with a bold vision to make a difference in the world. Upon becoming a mother, Stephanie shifted her focus to building a community of empowered mothers.

Motherhood whooped her butt. She deeply mourned the loss of her old identity, and felt desperately lonely. When she hit rock bottom, she decided to gather mothers to learn if she was crazy, only to find out that we were all in this together.

What started as a personal quest for support, grew into a much bigger mission to empower mothers around the globe. A Mother’s Movement was born, and has since blossomed into a deeply connected (and healing) community of mothers. The ultimate vision is to activate maternal power, rise up to positions of leadership, close the gender gap, and restore balance to the planet: boardrooms, governments, oceans and forests.

In addition to a Masters in Business, Stephanie has 8+ years of personal growth and coaching experience, including an advanced Global Leaders Program for difference-making entrepreneurs.  

Stephanie has been involved with:  

  • 7 figure sales deals in Fortune 500 companies

  • Bringing clean water to 300,000 refugees in Africa  

  • Providing mission-critical software for organizations responding to natural disasters and war-torn crises   

  • Mindfulness & meditation since birth from her Hindu and Buddhist roots

  • Directing a TEDx conference, leading a team of 50+ people

  • Founding a nonprofit, girl gang, for female empowerment

  • Creating a leadership program & mastermind for bold, purpose-driven CEO's and Founders

Her experience travelling to over 30+ countries has shaped her lifetime commitment to creating a sustainable and socially thriving planet.  In her spare time, Stephanie loves to adventure in the backcountry forests of her homelands in beautiful British Columbia, Canada, collect moments from around the world, and experience the humility and triumph of diverse cultures who have overcome struggle. Being a Mother is what she’s most proud of, and she continues to be in humble awe of the ever-expanding journey.


Reclaim Your Magic

Reconnect with your worth, ignite your maternal power and create an empowered identity.

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How Has Your Motherhood Journey Been?

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💛 We are not medical doctors. If you are experiencing Postpartum Depression or Anxiety, or thoughts of harming yourself or your baby, please seek professional medical help and call 911.